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East Side Adventures A collection of backcountry adventures in the Range of Light
evening Tablelands Basin
Evening view of Palisades to Tom Ross from Larmarck Col - June 1981
Big granite in Tuttle Creek drainage
Fir cone on forest floor
Sunset Middle and Disappointment from Palisade Lakes
Sunrise from lower Lamarck Lake
Bear Paw Lake and Feather Peak at sunset
Campsite below New Army Pass near Long Lake
Sunset hikers Darwin Canyon
Sunset Davis Lake
Frost Davis Lakes drainage, Ansel Adams Wilderness
Campsite at Lower Palisade Lake
Basin at the head of the North Fork of San Joaquin River
Sunrise Bear Creek Spire
Palisade Basin on the way to Potluck Pass
Fall color in Darwin Canyon
Drainage from Merriam Lake headed for French Canyon
The Pothole - Shepherd Pass Trail
Storm clearing on the sw side of humphreys
Indian Paintbrush
Looking down the South Fork of Tuttle Creek after an all night storm
Upper Twin Island Lake
Lupine in Lone Pine Creek drainage
Brainard Lake
Northern Palisades - Sill to Winchell from Baker Lake Trail
Mart Whiton belaying near the top of the Harding route on Conness - Sept 1979
Morning magic on the long but mellow approach to Abbot and Mills
Late day view of lower Sawmill Canyon
The 2nd chockstone, Humphreys direct approach
Campsite at the top of Cloud Canyon
Late afternoon view of Merriam Lake
Descending northeast peak of Goethe to Alpine Col
Spring time approach to University NW Face
Sunrise on the North Face of Gilbert
Mary Erdei bailing on the Williamson Bowl in a white out - May 1981
North side of Whitney from Russell
Ritter Range and Minarets from Bench Canyon
Sunrise view from the north ridge of Lone Pine Peak
North side of Haeckel
Sunset at piute lakes
Evening view below Skyhaven ridge from the small tarn above Baker Lake
Mary Erdei on the way to the East Face of Mt Stanford - Sept 1979
Rob Garneau on the long approach to Dade's North Face
Kaweah Peaks from the Tablelands
Sunrise at New Army Pass
Stormy monring at Panther Gap
Steel bridge over South Fork of San Joaquin River
Storm view south of Tuttle Creek
Lower slopes of the northeast peak of Goethe
Sunset over Thunder on the GWD
North Pal, Starllight and Thunderbolt at sunrise
Glacier Divide from campsite above Mesa Lake
Pourover in Lower Dusy Basin
Sunrise on the East Face of Mt Sill - Sept 1979
Climbing on the east face of Abbot

What is it about the Range of Light that some people find so irresistible? I can only answer for myself, but after all these years - being there appears to be the only thing I want to do with my vacation time. That might be saying alot since I live in New Hampshire.

One of my recurring fantasies is to live on the east side and spend all my free time exploring this amazing range of mountains. That may happen, who knows. Right now I live at the foot of NH's White Mts, but I find my thoughts always drifting west to the Eastside. I came back to the Sierra late after spending many years climbing and travelling elsewhere: B.C., Wyoming, Montana and Pakistan (to name a few). I don't regret the choices I've made, I just wish I'd come to realize sooner how much I have missed the Sierra.

There are 2001 images to be found at this website. You can access on them in a number of ways. There is:

an interactive Image Map
a Flickr like list of Albums
a search page with tag cloud
a list of peaks climbed and
a simple linked Chronology accordian by year.

Some albums have a link to a map that shows campsite locations and if applicable, a fairly accurate overlay of cross country travel.